Giving You Peace of Mind in a Complex Financial World

For 25 years, Dowling & Yahnke has approached investment advice differently than Wall Street firms and brokers. We are a fiduciary to our clients – we put your interest first with transparency and objective advice. Our philosophy is based on well-grounded, long-term investment principals that are not influenced by market fads or hype. Our uniqueness and longevity are the results of the Firm’s core values that have guided us to our position as one of the largest independent wealth advisory firms in San Diego (as measured by discretionary assets under management).


Setting the highest standards for ourselves today and raising the bar tomorrow.


We are always putting our clients’ interests first.


Advocating life-long learning – personally and professionally.


Unwavering commitment to provide the “wow” experience.

Enduring Relationships

A spirit of connectedness in the success and happiness of our clients, colleagues, and community.

A Client-Centric Approach

A Client-Centric Approach

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Big Changes to College Financial Aid

This fall marks the start of major changes in how parents of college students will seek financial aid. The new rules, which took effect October 1, are expected to make the financial aid application process less stressful for parents and allow them more time to make important financial decisions.

Does the Stock Market Care Which Presidential Candidate Wins?

Since our firm was founded in 1991, we have experienced eight unique election cycles and four (soon to be five) different U.S. presidents.  As we approach the November 8th presidential election, many investors may be feeling anxious about the outcome of the vote and any potential effect it may have on the stock market. As the media continues to produce headlines and forecasts designed to invoke fear, we provide some perspective on this important topic.

Passing On Your Financial Values to the Next Generation

As you may already know, the Baby Boom generation will pass $30 trillion on to the next generation. This financial legacy carries with it the expectation that the assets will be used in a manner that reflects the values of the givers.  Baby boomers, like other generations, have a broad range of beliefs and attitudes about money that are demonstrated in the way they spend and save it.  

Dale Yahnke featured in "Schwab’s Bernie Clark Urges Advisors to Evolve; Unveils Robo-Advisor Upgrades"

Dale Yahnke was featured in ThinkAdvisor's article regarding the Schwab Impact conference. 

Dale Yahnke Featured in Barron’s "Top 100 Independent Wealth Advisors” for 2016

Dale Yahnke, CFA, CFP®, and co-founder of Dowling & Yahnke, LLC, has been named for the tenth consecutive year to Barron’s list of the Top 100 Independent Wealth Advisors.  

Dowling & Yahnke Listed in Financial Advisor's “2016 RIA Ranking"

Financial Advisor Magazine's 2016 ranking of RIAs listed Dowling & Yahnke #72, the only San Diego-based advisory firm in the top 100.