Staying Home? You Can Still Explore, Move, Learn, and Create

As we practice social distancing to help combat the coronavirus, many of us are staying home right now. Fortunately, there are numerous free resources circling our communities to help keep our routine or even virtually explore more than we usually do. Here are a few ideas for free and fun things to do online and offline:

Making Lemonade: Top 10 Opportunities When Markets are Down

One cannot overstate that these are very challenging times – emotionally and financially. As we all prioritize our lives under this new normal, it can be helpful to remember that there is a silver lining to every cloud. Here are a few ways that you can turn those “lemons into lemonade” which could provide great value once the clouds part.

Ten Last-Minute Tax Tips for Your 2019 Tax Return

It’s getting late, but there is still a little time left for some year-end tax planning.belt tightening on dollar bill

Here are 10 last-minute tax tips to consider:

1. Sink more into a retirement account.

You can shelter more of your income from taxes by contributing to a workplace plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b) or through a traditional Individual Retirement Account.

Six Ways to Start the Money Talk with Your Parents

One of the most difficult conversations that grown children can have with their parents is a discussion about mom and dad’s finances. daughter talking to elderly mother

Having the talk is critical for many reasons including these three;

  • Grown children should know about parental estate plans.

  • Children need to know if they will have to support their parents in the future.