Our mission is to deliver superior personal service to clients who understand the value of independent investment advice. Our highly educated and experienced wealth management professionals are dedicated to helping clients attain their financial goals. Excellence, integrity, knowledge, enduring relationships, and passion – these are the core values on which Dowling & Yahnke was founded.

Our clients desire customized, risk-appropriate investment portfolios and consultative services. Our clients often seek our counsel when they find themselves faced with one or more of these situations:

  • We need to grow our assets and plan for our eventual retirement.

  • We are getting ready to retire and will need to live off of our investment portfolio.

  • I am recently widowed and need help investing and making sense of all these trusts.

  • We have just sold a business and need help investing the proceeds.

  • We have received an inheritance and are not sure how to invest it for our needs.

  • I am getting divorced and need help managing my financial assets.

  • We need professional advice for our endowment or foundation.

  • We have set up a charitable remainder trust (CRT) and need professional investment management services.

  • We are unhappy with our broker and want to explore the benefits of using an independent financial adviser.

  • We are successful professionals or entrepreneurs and do not have the time to design, build, and monitor our investment portfolio.

  • I just left my job after many years and would like to roll my 401(k) into an IRA with more investment flexibility.

  • I have heard the rules on Roth IRA conversions have changed and wonder if a Roth conversion makes sense for me.

To learn more about how Dowling & Yahnke can assist you with your specific financial objectives, visit our services page or contact us.